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Bollinger Bands signals for down

As in the case of the points of entry to increase, the indicator generates 4 signals to decrease.

– If after narrowing the channel is expanded, and the price began to fall, you can trade to discrease.

– If the chart reached the upper limit of the channel and crossed it, and then turned down and began to fall, you can open a down trade.

As with a similar up signal it is better to enter the market using this signal during periods of high volatility. If there is a clear trend on the chart, the breakout may be false. The price won't turn around.

– If the chart has crossed the Central SMA from top to bottom, you can open a down trade.

– The M-shaped figure on the chart, the reverse version of the W-shaped figure is also a down signal. Its name is "Twin Peaks".

The chart reaches the upper limit, crosses it and turns down. Then the price falls to the Central SMA, crosses it and turns up.

Next, the chart rises to the upper limit, but does not cross it, and turns down. As soon as the price crosses the level, which passes approximately at the height of the Central point M, you can trade to discrease.